Joseph Sohm, Los Angeles
Feliz cumple, beautiful.

Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.

— Yasmin Mogahed

He asked me to play with myself, as he sat back and watched. Before he slid in, he licked my fingers clean and kissed me.


I like to believe that love is a reciprocal thing, that it can’t really be felt, truly, by one.

— Sean Penn
Red & Yellow & Green, Kenya, 2013

Free Escuelita Zapatista Textbook in English: Autonomous Government I


For those who were interested in attending last year’s Escuelita Zapatista, here’s your chance to study from the very same textbooks given to students. 

The first text, Autonomous Government I, studies the history, roles, duties, rights and obligations of an autonomous government and its members. More textbooks to be uploaded as they become available. 

Thanks to Intercontinental Cry Magazine for sharing the link.
I rode my bike to and from work today. It’d been a while. Good day to ride.